Wear red lipstick

Ok it kinda has to be red, but there are many shades to suit everyone.

I have discovered a lovely one by Maybelline – shade 547 Pleasure me red (a perfect blue/red). Take a good look around and come up with your own version of the 1940s style…..



Pleasure Me Red Shade 547 Maybelline

When Revlon added lipstick to their manicure line by the 1940s, they were the first brand to offer matching nail polish and lipstick colours to consumers.  It was during this period, that red lipstick came into its own, almond shapes nails were all the vogue, and other brands such as cutex took up the mantel.

cutextakeabow (1)

Different shades of red lipstick are widely available, with alluring names such as Pillar Box, Ruby Woo, Pleasure Me Red, Private Red, Velvet, and Sinner,  red lipstick is the epitomy of old Hollywood glamour,  the very paragon of chic, a true classic, and easier than you think to get right.


rita hayworth 1940s max factor


Rita Hayworth for Tru-color Lipstick Max Factor

According to beauty experts, if you have pale skin, you should go for a red with blue or brown undertones. Orangey tones are best suited to browner or olive skins, and pink toned reds are suited to darker skins. This isn’t set in stone of course, and mostly its what the wearer feels comfortable with.

When wearing bold colours you need to be careful about the lipstick bleeding, so before applying, use a lip liner to help to keep the texture in place, and apply with precision. There is a womanly art to applying lipstick in public and if done properly, can fall within the sense of propriety and allure.


applying lipstick

When we think of vintage cinematic lipstick looks, two different colour plans were popular.


‘Monotone’ was were lipstick was used to support a glorified natural look. Here lipstick in lighter tones of red were used to enhance the face.  Betty Grable wore this make up style well as a pin up in 1944.



Elizabeth Taylor wears the ‘contrast’ make up style

The ‘contrast’ look became more popular in the 1930s and 1940s –  red to make the lips look full and soft, and this was paired with dark mascara and eyeliner.

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

So, for a vintage icon look, associated with glamour and chic, apply your red lipstick and wear it like you mean it!


Keep your pecker up! xx

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